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We have qualified coaches and trainers that will help you shape the way you experience life.


Jen Aylward

Strength Training, General Wellness, Competition Prep Killin’ It, In General!

Chris Deangelo

Combining strength training, HIIT conditioning as well as functional movement training so that we can hit every aspect of your fitness goals.

Moe Fitness 33

Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning, Weight Loss & Body Sculpting, Health & Wellness Coaching, Athletic Speed Training, Group Classes

Josh Hershey

ACE CPT, Functional Movement & Strength Trainer 200hr Certified Yoga Teacher, Flexibility, Balance, and Mindfulness

Amy Lay

Yogic Based Deep Stretch, Strength Training & Sculpting,Yoga Trapeze Deep Stretch Anti-inflammatory Holistic Wellness Approach to Nutrition & Weight Loss

Melissa Maisonet

Fitness Coach Strength Training & Powerlifting Lifestyle Habit Change Dynamic Stretch Specialist Nutrition & Supplement Specialist Contact

Jada Moore

2k23’s Natural Ohio’s Wellness Champ CPT, CSC, Bodybuilding Prep Coach, Certified Glute Specialist

Demetrius McCray

Strength Training, Weight Loss, Cardio Training Supervised Rehabilitation Using Exercise

Darren Pruitt

NASM CPT, Strength Training, Liquid Fast Coach

Jayson Reed

Co-Founder, Lead Trainer, ISSA Certified Strength Training, Bodybuilding, Boxing Conditioning Fat-Loss Coaching & Powerlifting

DarSean Watts

Strength Training, Athletic Performance, Weight loss, Nutrition
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