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Candor Yoga Collective


Can•dor | the quality of being open and honest in expression 
A collective of Yoga instructors intending to connect you to your truest self through the practice of yoga. 


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Introducing and intertwining balance with strength to come home to ones true self. The emmersive combining of pranayama and intrensic equilibrium explores the depts of inner balance, will permiate thru and glow your ressinance to the world.


My purpose as a teacher is to provide a safe space for people to explore their truths and dive deeper in the their exploration of self through movement, meditation, and breath. Ultimately to help people feel safe in their bodies and connect back to self.


The only place I'm trying to guide people, is back to themselves. Movement is medicine, a compass, a means of communication and expression. Breath is life and the mind is a maze


My goal with this collective is to provide space for people of all walks of life, to explore movement and thought that enables them to feel able(or at peace) in their body and mind. I believe that intentional movement, such as yoga and exercise, are key to physical and mental wellbeing, and enables us to experience our most fulfilling life. As a collective, we’re able to offer a broad array of experience from varying backgrounds, and we aspire to help people cultivate a practice that serves them in the present moment.


My purpose as a teacher is guiding others through movement and breath with the intention to help them gain better understanding of their bodies.

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