Author: Jonathan Westbrook

17 Apr David Smelker

David Smelker Certified Personal Trainer Training Experience: I am a former military trainer with over 8 years personal training experience. I previously served in the United States Air Force as an Aircraft Mechanic and Intelligence and Linguistic Analyst. My secondary responsibilities were to conduct the squadron’s training sessions...

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17 Apr Moe Williams

Moe Williams Certified ISSA Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Nutritionist and Health & Wellness Coach, and Speed & Agility Coach   Graduated from The Ohio Dominican University with Business Administration Degree 4 year NCAA collegiate athlete Coach Football and Track ...

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17 Apr Shannon Picklesimon

Shannon Picklesimon Diet and Nutrition Coach ISSA & Degree – Health Coach From Integrated Nutrition also is a certified Elemental Reflexologist. Shannon is the proud mother of three who has a passion for personal health. She began working in Psychiatric Nursing as a MA in 2008. This quickly...

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